Hailey has successfully developed a relationship with and established an ever-growing recognition and trust with numerous artists, retailers, celebrities and the public thanks to her passion, enthusiasm and high-spirited personality. She was significantly covered in the 2016 Ms. Inkwell Gallery Book and her likeness was rendered in the gallery. The first Ms. Inkwell interview ever taken was run here. 2017 marks the first time that she has been recognized individually by show promoters, formally invited to conventions alongside Bob to represent the Inkwells and she began to receive professional Special Guest status at five shows that year. In 2016 she will be making a record 10 appearances on the Inkwell Awards show tour. After her 21st consecutive appearance going into 2018 (she had to miss two April shows due to a family emergency) she attended her 4th Heroes Con show for their 10th anniversary celebration and was awarded one of the first three Above & Beyond Awards for her record-breaking performance excellence. You can reach Hailey via her Facebook page